North Bay Report: "Comfort Women Radio: Interview 23 June 2012

Liga Ng Mga Lolang Pilipina (LILA Pilipina) protesting before the Japanese Embassy in Manila, Philippines.  2001

Every time a Japanese politician denies the story of the WWII "Comfort Women" and speaks out of turn in an attempt to silence the women's testimonies, in an attempt to erase them from Japanese history, in an attempt to justify the need for "Comfort Stations" they remind us all of the brutal and inhumane acts perpetrated against all our humanity—and in particular against 200,000 women and girls who might have been our grandmothers, our aunts, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. Definitely, our ancestors. Your words back fire every time, Shinzo Abe, Toru Hashimoto and the rest of your parties. And their stories become clearer. And here is the truth: your government supported and allowed your soldiers to systematically treat women, girls and even some boys like animals. 

Until a formal and lasting apology is served, one that not only accepts the government's responsibilities in organizing, supporting, and maintaining these military sex slave camps, we will continue to tell the stories. 

So listen up. 

Here is an interview I gave last year to the North Bay Report. Click the link to hear the North Bay Report on "Comfort Women."

"Comfort Women"/North Bay Report Interview with M. Evelina Galang 23 June 2012