On Congressman Tom Lantos

What an honor to have heard Congressman Lantos speak,to have met him and know his hands supported House Res. 121, the non-binding "Comfort Women" bill requesting Japan make a formal apology and assume full responsibility for those crimes against humanity. House Res. 121 was just one of the many struggles in his fight for human rights. In July, I sat in the galleys and heard him speak so eloquently about the plight of over 200,000 women and girls throughout Asia. His words brought tears to my eyes. He really understood the plight of surviving “Comfort Women” on so many levels — his own experiences as a survivor of the Holocaust gave him the kind of wisdom and power to fight for all of humanity — and I am very grateful for his work. I hope to continue the fight for human rights, for the lolas, knowing he was on their side, knowing he supports this call for justice. His commitment to human rights was truly the work of a great heart.

Peace always,
M. Evelina Galang
advocate of Liga Ng Mga Lolang Pilipina
Friend of the Lolas