On the Resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had the opportunity to make history and do the right and noble thing for the 200,000 surviving “Comfort Women” of WWII. But he was stubborn and he missed his chance. It’s a shame, I think. A shame that he didn’t seize the moment. Now it’s too late and he will be remembered as the Prime Minister of Japan who perpetuated the indignities and crimes against humanity, against old ladies whose only mission was to be heard, to be respected and to be apologized to, whose only desire was to stop this crime against humanity from recurring again. I feel for him, for now he has to live with that.


Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree with anymore.
That's right.
Abe was really strange person, refusing the fact of the Military Sexual Slavery by Japan.
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