Friends of the LOLAS: An organization of LILA Pilipina Supporters

Here is the text, in part, from a brochure about Friends of the LOLAS, an organization made up of friends and families of the Lolas who wish to participate in the fight for justice. Rechilda Extremadura, executive director of LILA Pilipina has granted me permission to share it with you. Will you join me?

Friends of the LOLAS –
• Sympathizes and supports the struggle of the Lolas for justice.
• Helps educate the public on the “comfort women” issue.
• Launches initiatives for the inclusion of the truth of “comfort women” issues in our history.
• Campaigns against historical repetitions of militarism and wars of aggression.

There is no better future without the clarifying of the past.

Until when should we speak about the past?

Join Friends of the LOLAS
The issue of military sexual slavery during World War II should be seen from the perspective of the women-victims. Justice should be delivered soon – while the Lolas are still alive. Now is the time to take more aggressive action to pressure the Japanese government to make apology and reparations.

It is the task of the present generation to prevent historical repetitions of severe violations of human rights.

WHAT I CAN DO TO HELP (in the Philippines):

A. Organize Forum/Symposium/Educational discussion.
B. Organize study tour on historical markers, “comfort sites” and related areas.
C. Conduct research on documents and related materials on “comfort women” issue.
D. Write letters to editor and articles about the issue.
E. Write to head of local government units, the Congress, the Senate, and the President to encourage actions for the Lolas’ demands.
F. Join in the legislative meetings and public hearings on the issue.
G. Gather signatures on the campaign to record the truth of “comfort women”system in Philippine history textbooks.
H. Join the Lolas in their regular rallies and other protest actions at Japanese Embassy.
I. Attend the integration programs with community visits to the Lolas.
J. Volunteer to spend your free time by doing work for the Lolas House (e.g.translation of documents in Japanese texts, write press releases,provide free medical/counseling services to the Lolas.)
K. Build networks (agencies or individuals) in support for the Lolas’ campaign for redress.
L. Launch income-generating projects such as running, biking or painting and donate proceeds for Lolas’ programs and activities.
M. Support the Lolas’ income-generating projects (i.e. buy gifts made by Lolas.)
N. Organize art workshops such as quilt, card, bag making, etc. with the Lolas.

For more information or to join Friends of the LOLAS: email Rechilda Extremadura at or at

You can also send donations or write to LOLAS’ HOUSE (through August 1, 2007):
49 Matimpiin Street, Central District, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1100. Telefax: (632)-433-5061

LOLAS’ HOUSE (after August 1, 2007)
29B Mapagbigay St., PiƱahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1100.


ritawong said…
Dear Evelina,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the lolas!

Sending lots of love and respect to you and the lolas,
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Thanks for really pushing the vote in Florida. Three more Congresspersons from Florida makes five!

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