Thanks to Elizabeth Edwards

On Sunday, May 6th, Senator John Edwards' wife, Elizabeth Edwards, took time to speak to Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, a national network of progressive Asian Pacific Americans and friends. On a national conference call to the APAP community she answered several questions that focused on the Asian Pacific American Community.

Dear Mrs. Edwards,

Thanks for responding to our questions on May 6th (APAP). I asked you the question about the Comfort Women.

In 2001 I was a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar in the Philippines where I researched the lives of 14 surviving Filipina Comfort Women of WWII, visiting their sites of abduction and former garrisons. Of the 200,000 girls and women abducted by the Japanese Imperial Army during WW2, over 1000 of them were Filipina.

As a Filipina American, a professor, writer and mentor to young women, this issue is close to my heart. We ought to treasure our girls, no matter the time or space. We should teach one another to respect women, to respect each other and one's self.

Your response reflects the same attitude and I would hope that your husband's administration, should he be elected one day, support the practice of honoring our women and girls regardless of nation or circumstance.

Again, thank you for hearing the Asian Pacific American community and for speaking so candidly.


Anonymous said…
Kaisetsu blog
Who are WWII Comfort Women?
2007.05.11 Friday

The human being!
Angry, and shame, the appeal, and the sense of justice.
We should live on and endure the past with looking for the future.
We, Japanese, need to look at this real past through the eyes deep inside our true heart.
If not, our words cannot be reached to our Asian people.
Mr. Abe! You should face and realize the fact at first through your own eyes with your wife.