Annabel Park, the leading Washington DC organizer of 121 Coalition and I have finally met here in the Bay Area and we've joined forces!

More than anything, the two of us want to bring together the PAN ASIAN community here in the Bay Area and have them hear the stories of the surviving "Comfort Women" of WW2. Filmmaker Dai Sil Kim once said that once the stories (of the women) enter your body and settle in your bones, you cannot sit still.

It is so true. Maybe because the voices of the women sound like our mothers, our sisters, our lolas and greatgrandmothers too. Maybe because the element of war brings out the worst and effects the most innocent.

We want to support the women in their struggle for justice. We want to do that so that we as a culture can learn from these experiences and never let war affect our peple like this again.

I encourage anyone in the Bay Area to share our activities with their friends and colleagues and family. Come hear their voices and support them.

How can you support them, Bay Area? By encouraging and supporting your representatives, Congressman Lantos and Congresswoman Pelosi to also support House Res 121. Write them a personl note and share with them your concern. They are open and willing to hear from you and I am sure under your direction, they will know what to do.

This is my invitation to you all. Come out and hear the women's stories! Tonight and tomorrow night. Schedule below.