Calling All Canes in the 33146 Zip Code

House Resolution 121, if passed, will ask Japan to take full responsibility for the systematic raping and enslavement of over 200,000 women and girls during WWII. Those girls were as young as your little sisters of 8, as young as your cousins of 16, as young as your peers, your girl friends, your roommates of 19 and 20, your RA's of 21, as beautiful as your 30 year old aunts and your beautiful mothers just turned forty. Those women and girls are now as old as your grandmothers.

For a moment, imagine war and your family. Imagine this. Is it acceptable?

To date, House Res. 121 has 80 co-sponsors in Congress. We need at least 100 to get House Res 121 to pass.

Write your congressman or woman.

If you are a Cane in the 33146 Zip Code then Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is your Congresswoman. She is also a senior Representative in the House on Foreign Affairs where House Res 121 is currently sitting. WRITE CONGRESSWOMAN ROS-LEHTINEN. Tell her you live in her district and you want her to support this resolution. Tell her you want Japan to treat the women of World War II with respect.

Or if you want, cut and paste this link along with the message below:

Dear Representative Ros-Lehtinen,

I am a student at the University of Miami and I live in your district. I believe all women should be treated with respect, especially the Comfort Women of WWII. Please support House Resolution 121. Be a co-sponsor and make your constituents at the University of Miami proud.

(your name here)

Lola Remedios Felias was 14 years old when she was captured by the Japanese. Above is her autobiographical depiction of her abduction. The translation of the Tagalog is: I lost my freedom here. I was raped here.


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