Abe's Denial

Here's a great link that carries many articles about Abe's Denial. On Chinese in Vancouver, you can find many of the same articles listed on the sidebar to your right. I have tried to keep the list updated, so if you come across an article and it's not listed on the sidebar, let me know. I think it's important to read all that's out there -- the truth and the half truth and the propaganda that supports Abe's Denial. Do the homework and know the truth.

I'm excited to see college students at my university joining the fight! We started a group on facebook and in a couple of days we have a few hundred members. We're hosting a round table and creating an action plan. I will let you know how it goes, but we're certain we can raise the list of signatories and House Resolution 121 supporters up by a few thousand. Are there other campuses out there willing to do the same? I see several other facebook groups fighting for the comfort women. Can you take up the challenge and get your campus involved? For your mothers? For your grandmothers? For your sisters?

Read everything you can. Let the truth speak for itself. And once you know the truth, do what you think is right. We are responsible for what we know.

That link? http://chineseinvancouver.blogspot.com/2006/06/abes-denial.html.

PS: The comfort woman in the far right corner near the top is Lola Virginia Villarma from LILA Pilipina. The women on that poster represent the women all over Asia. They are Abe's Denial.


Anonymous said…
Mr. Amaki, an ex-diplomat of Japan and a harsh critic of Koizumi-Abe regime, has reported that Prime Minister Abe expressed apology for his remarks on comfort women issue to US media. Based on his report, I posted an article on my Japanese weblog "人工樂園" (Artifical Paradise):

【従軍慰安婦問題】安倍首相が謝罪―米メディアに/Prime Minister Abe's Apology to US Media