Restoration of Human Dignity

Tonight, someone signed the petition, which now totals 607 names from around the world and that person left a comment: "Restoration of human dignity will be accomplished with this effort."

Every day when I check that list, I see that people from around the world are signing the petition and leaving heartfelt messages. Let me list you some of the cities and countries: Den Helder, Netherland; New Berlin, Wisconsin USA; Osaka, Japan; Selangor, Malaysia; Vancouver, BC; Manila, Philippines; Chicago, IL, USA; Shiga, Japan; Lincoln, Nebraska; Verona, Italy; Manchester, Lancs, UK; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Karntaka, India; Washington DC, USA; Hiroshima, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; New York City, New York, USA; Yigo, Guam; Texas, USA. The list goes on and on. So many souls in so many cities in this world, expressing their outrage, offering their support, extending their names to the 200,000 women and girls of WWII. They say, we're sorry. They say, please, give them justice. They say the time is now. Now is the time to honor, respect and uphold the experiences of the 200,000 women the Japanese Imperial Army called Comfort Women.

Our global community is not just signing the petition, they are spreading the word -- sending out email blasts, posting it on their blogs, telling their friends, families and colleagues. Thank you, you online revolutionaries. Keep it up!

What if we got 200,000 names for each woman who was abducted, systematically raped, burned with cigarettes, slashed with bayonets, used a dozen times a day? We could try. We could make our best effort.

This is how we restore human dignity. When we come together no matter how long the Prime Minister holds his breath and refuses to speak the truth. This is how we do it. We come together. We speak our truth. We insist. We let the Comfort Women know we are right here and we are ready and waiting to hear their testimonies.

They are all the evidence we need.

Thanks to those of you who have signed. If you haven't, you still can. Browse the cities and the comments and you will know it too. This is how we do it. When come together and speak the truth.