Petition Response from Japan

The Comfort Women House Resolution Petition was posted just under 48 hours ago and we have 100 signatures. Earlier today, Yutaka Ohno from Kyoto asked permission to translate the letter into Japanese and post it on his blog. The response has been amazing. About half the signatures are from our friends in Japan, citizens who are equally outraged at the Prime Minister's remarks and his refusal to issue a formal apology (to the Comfort Women themselves) and full compensation.

There's a button on the petition for comments and many of the signatories from Japan are taking this opportunity to speak their minds and offer their support. You can view their comments as well as other comments from the US and abroad.

A Japanese teacher expressed a desire to offer all the daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters of Comfort Women a full education in Japan.

Sakamoto Kazumi ( from Osaka, Japan wrote, "Let's join! It is necessary to support House Resolution 121-1H not only for the military sex slaves, but also for young Japanese citizens in order that we should share the dignity of human rights and freedom of spirits."

Our 100th supporter, Haruko Fujimori, simply wrote, "I will support you."

Thank you, Yutaka Ohno for making the time to sign the petition, to translate it and disseminate the information on your blog.

Sakamoto Kazumi is right. Let's join! I invite readers to sign the petition. Let Congress know where the global community stands on House Resolution 121-1H. Let Prime Minister Abe know what we think of war crimes against young girls, now grandmothers, now dying. Let the lolas know we understand their suffering; we respect and honor their courage and we will never forget. They are heroines of WWII and we support them, no matter what Abe says.