Everyone Can Help the Comfort Women -- You too!

Representative Mike Honda presented this statement to the 110th House of Congress in January:

"Today, I am introducing a resolution which calls on Japan to formally and unambiguously apologize and acknowledge the tragedy which the comfort women endured under its Imperial Army during World War II. Not only should Japan’s Prime Minister issue a public apology, Japan must take responsibility unequivocally.

"The purpose of this resolution is not to bash or humiliate Japan. This is about achieving justice for the few remaining women who survived this atrocity. We must recognize this grave human rights violation, which has remained unknown for so many years.

"Madam Speaker, to put it frankly, the few surviving comfort women in the world who live with this burden are dying. We must help them achieve some peace of mind by moving this resolution forward. For the women who survived this brutality, this resolution demonstrates that our nation supports them and hears their voices calling for justice."

If you'd like to help, you can write House Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer to put House Resolution 121 on the books. See the link ACTIVATE YOUR PEN above.

Here's to the power of the written word --